A Spontaneous Day


I am not one for planning too far ahead. And most days are not planned, only when it comes to homeschooling. So when two people call me up and asked if I was going to the street festival in town, which I didn’t know was happening, I couldn’t refuse. So after lunch, myself and my four little chickadees went down for a look.

The main street had been pedestrianised and shops and sellers had market stalls all along the road side. It was such a great atmosphere especially with no cars flying passed.

He played the Harp Beautifully

This man was playing beautiful and the children and I stood there mesmerized for a few moments, it was lovely to see the children quite for a moment and be aware of what was happening around them right there and then, instead of asking, what next, what next. A, my second oldest,  recognised that the instrument that he was playing, is the symbol on our currency. And R, my oldest, after a while turned to me and said, ‘you can never tell what a person can do just by looking at them, it would have been different if I saw him just walking down the street’…. Very happy that she is becoming more aware about not judging a book by its cover! 🙂 She thought he was amazing.

An Old photo of one of the town street

A man selling books about local history

Market stall sellers in costume

It was nice to see people making the effort to dress up, adding to the atmosphere of the day.

This is the same street as in the old black and white photo above

Traditional basket making

Carving wood

The kids loved watching the people and their crafts.

Carved bog oak

Free face painting

It was a great day, the only thing that slightly disappointed me was the price of things, I totally understand that people have to earn a living, but most of the prices were still extortionate! Charging 3euro per child for 5 min bouncy castle is crazy, that’s 12euro  poof! gone, I didn’t of course pay that much considering that it was free last year.

It all ended late last night with street entertainment of fire juggling, Sean-nós dancing and live music

Fire Juggling

Sean-nós dancing

The Sean-nós dancing really got the crowd livened up for the rest of the night.

A great time had by all


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