Rainy days


Nothing much has happend for a couple of days since we have had non-stop rain. We have been doing more cleaning up and sorting out of junk. And going around in my head, I’m thinking,  I know it’s only July but if I don’t sit down and start to plan the next Curriculum September is going to be here in a flash.

A, my second oldest, who is only six, and very much a boys boy has fallen in love with finger knitting, he loves it. He will sit in the school room (I don’t like to call it that but I haven’t thought up of a good name for the room yet, any suggestions will be gratefully received) with his finger knitting whilst listening to music.

A pile of A’s finger knitting.

I found online someone else who had a son doing the same thing, so they came up with an idea of joining the ends together, and using a hula hoop as a frame and some rope that criss-crosses through the middle, the finger knitting can then be woven to make a spiral place mat.

Finished product, hoping A’s will turn out just as good.

Weaving the finger knitting

On one of the evening when it had stopped raining for a short time we managed to go out and collect and sort out some fire wood for seasoning.

This is a pile that were cut from some ever greens that had grown too high around the house.

This pile is ready to be cut in to smaller chunks, piled and ready to be seasoned for fire wood.

Branches and leaves cut from the larger branches.

The smaller branches and leaves are separated from the larger logs ready to be shredded and made in to our own mulch compost.

More branches ready for the shredder.

Whilst I was taking photos of all of this I looked down on the ground and to my amazement I saw an abundance of Herb Robert

Herb Robert beside the wood pile.

This little ‘weed’ as some people see it is an amazing little plant herb, and it grows wildly free for us to use. It is a little miracle plant and it contains something called Geranium, which is also found in Ginseng, Goji Berry seeds, Shiitake mushrooms, it is anti cancerous and anti tumour, it allows more oxygen to enter our cells, it has a special element called Ellagic Acid that also helps bust cancer and tumours. It would be the same as Ginseng for energy and you can make tea from it and use the water as an eye wash for infections. It is an adaptogen, so if you have high or low blood pressure it can stabilize it. It helps to regulate cholesterol, blood sugar and is great for the immune system and reduces radiation in the body. All in all a powerful little plant wouldn’t you say?

Water scorched leaves.

We have noticed that some of our plants have become water scorched from all the rain we have been having.

But at least we still have good strawberries!!

Strawberry rock.

R had collected lots of large pebbles, painted them like strawberries and placed them around the strawberry patch, supposedly the birds would try to peck at these and give up and won’t return to the same place. Has it worked? Possible… it is those darn slugs we have a problem with, but every time we incorporate something new into the garden to make it better the number of slugs seem to reduce, it is only our second year of a fruit and veg garden and it is getting better all the time.


A Spontaneous Day


I am not one for planning too far ahead. And most days are not planned, only when it comes to homeschooling. So when two people call me up and asked if I was going to the street festival in town, which I didn’t know was happening, I couldn’t refuse. So after lunch, myself and my four little chickadees went down for a look.

The main street had been pedestrianised and shops and sellers had market stalls all along the road side. It was such a great atmosphere especially with no cars flying passed.

He played the Harp Beautifully

This man was playing beautiful and the children and I stood there mesmerized for a few moments, it was lovely to see the children quite for a moment and be aware of what was happening around them right there and then, instead of asking, what next, what next. A, my second oldest,  recognised that the instrument that he was playing, is the symbol on our currency. And R, my oldest, after a while turned to me and said, ‘you can never tell what a person can do just by looking at them, it would have been different if I saw him just walking down the street’…. Very happy that she is becoming more aware about not judging a book by its cover! 🙂 She thought he was amazing.

An Old photo of one of the town street

A man selling books about local history

Market stall sellers in costume

It was nice to see people making the effort to dress up, adding to the atmosphere of the day.

This is the same street as in the old black and white photo above

Traditional basket making

Carving wood

The kids loved watching the people and their crafts.

Carved bog oak

Free face painting

It was a great day, the only thing that slightly disappointed me was the price of things, I totally understand that people have to earn a living, but most of the prices were still extortionate! Charging 3euro per child for 5 min bouncy castle is crazy, that’s 12euro  poof! gone, I didn’t of course pay that much considering that it was free last year.

It all ended late last night with street entertainment of fire juggling, Sean-nós dancing and live music

Fire Juggling

Sean-nós dancing

The Sean-nós dancing really got the crowd livened up for the rest of the night.

A great time had by all

Hello world!


First post how exciting! So i’m just going to upload and post whatever has happened through our day or week and see how it goes.

Today when I went out into our ‘Back to Eden’ inspired garden, I noticed that the radish seeds I planted five days ago have shot up so fast

Radish seedlings. Shoots from seed with 5 days, thats amazing for an Irish summer climate! Wet and chilly.

We also picked just over 1kilo of strawberries from our patch, that’s about 10euro’s worth here, and they were just yummy.

Strawberry patch, with a covering of woodchips

I also made pizza for lunch with our kale, so simple yet so tasty, I got the recipe from The river cottage collection, Veg Every Day recipe book.

Kale Pizza

The ingredients were, onion, garlic, fresh basil, kale, cheese and of  course a pizza base of your choice. Soften the onions, garlic and kale in a little oil, and place on the pizza base. I also saved some fresh kale because I like how the fresh kale crisps up in the oven. Season, add fresh basil, garlic and cheese and place in the oven. Ready to eat in 15mins. mmmmm.

There is only one good thing about the rainy summer days here in Ireland, is that it gives me and the family an opportunity to completely blitz the house clean and to get rid of any junk. It feels so much better, lighter, fresher. A  job well done. It’s not 100% done yet. The small school room is the last room to be tackled.

And now the evening sun has appeared and the little ones are playing with the water in the garden. Time to have a little fun after a hard days work!

Enjoying the evening sun